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During their visit of the laboratories of the House of BioHealth in Esch-sur-Alzette on Monday, 4th of May 2020, the Grand Ducal couple met LIH researchers involved in Research Luxembourg’s COVID-19 Task Force. Some of the main studies of this Task Force were presented by their team leaders to the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess.  At this occasion, the Grand Ducal couple was also introduced to ongoing projects in the field of cancer research. Here, Prof Dr Simone Niclou, Director of the Department of Oncology at LIH, underlined the importance of continuing efforts in this area. Together with Prof Dirk Brenner, Johannes here presented his research on serine catabolism and its relevance in tumor development, which is strongly connected to Brenner’s research interests in immune metabolism (read more here). During their visit at the LIH, the Grand Ducal couple thus discovered the detailed missions of the "Research Luxembourg COVID-19 Task Force and learned about other ongoing research projects in the field of oncology, infectious diseases and immunology.